Metal Brackets

Metal brackets come in many shapes and sizes. At Wagner, most people know us for the metal brackets we provide for mounting of handrail. However, we have a selection of metal brackets which are specifically designed for use for fabric mounting hardware typically used in the fabrication of awnings.

Metal Brackets for Fabric Mounting Hardware

Design Features

Metal-brackets-frame-mount-detailFor Awnings and Other Fabric Structures

  • 3/16″ Thick, 1″ wide with rolled edges.
  • Corner screw hole to draw the tube into solid contact with both sides and base of the metal brackets and for ease of drilling through Tube.
  • Cut off ends have minimized burr facing away from contact surfaces.
  • With holes as shown.
  • Stocked in Steel, Zinc Plated Steel, and Aluminum.
  • Available in Stainless Steel Type 304 or 316 on request.

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Our course what we are best known for is our complete line of handrail brackets.

1766 wall mount handrail bracketWagner stocks handrail brackets to meet every need. Wall mount, post mount or glass mount; stamped, cast, extruded or machined; aluminum, brass, bronze, steel and stainless steel; components or assemblies.

ADA, NFPA and the IBC have specific requirements for handrail bracket clearance. While Wagner has the largest selection of code compliant handrail brackets, not all handrail brackets will work in every application. Review your local requirements when selecting a handrail bracket that is considered acceptable.

You can review pricing and availability of our handrail bracket options on our e-commerce site.

Did you know that in addition to pricing and availability, you can also access our library of CAD and PDF files for our parts? When you select an individual part, File.”a product detail page will show up. To the right, under Technical Information, you will see — if available — the option to View Dimensioned PDF, View Catalog Page, Download DXF File, or Download DWG File.




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