Laser Cutting

Providing state-of-the-art efficiency and automation, The Wagner Companies utilizes laser technology for advanced metal cutting in its manufacturing operation.


Mazak Fabrigear 300, Six-Axis Tube Laser

This 4000-watt tube laser uses a multi-axis torch and simultaneously controlled chuck fabricate in a single operation to perform precise angle cuts, weld-prep bevels and advanced, complex contours such as saddle-joint cuts.

  • Up to 10.5″ round tube
  • Up to 8″ square tube
  • Up to 8″ rectangular tube (any one side)
  • Up to 26′ long
  • Material thickness of 3/8″ in aluminum, ½” in stainless steel and 7/8″ in steel
  • Complex contour cuts
  • Automatically loads
  • Feeds
  • Laser cuts
  • Unloads parts
  • Uses 2D .dxf or 3D .igs format files, maximizing material usage and reducing scrap
Tube Laser
  • Reduce, or eliminate, fabricator setup
  • Improve and automate the placement of multiple holes in a variety of pipe and tube shapes, sizes and materials
For more information on Wagner’s tube laser capabilities contact us at (888) 243-6914, email us or request a quote.

Flat Fiber Laser

Our flat fiber laser cutting services use a Bystronic Fiber laser cutting system.

The BySprint Fiber laser relies on high-tech fiber-optic technology, with the ability to cut varying metals with precision and speed.

  • 4000 watts of focused power
  • Process steel plate up to 5/8″ (*3/4″ with restrictions)
  • Aluminum up to 3/8″
  • Stainless Steel up to 1/2″
  • Galvanized Steel up to 3/16″
  • Other non-ferrous metals up to 5/16″
  • 60″ x 120″ bed
  • Extended Loading System
  • High-efficiency cutting
  • Integrated automation
  • Energy-efficient

Bystronic Xact Smart 160 Press Brake

Complementing our Bystronic fiber laser, this state of the art brake utilizes the same software platform as our laser.  This integration greatly simplifies part development and provides accurate and consistent formed parts.

10 Foot, 175 US ton, CNC press brake


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