Connectors for Pipe and Tube

These components are indispensable when welding or mechanically assembling pipe and tube railings.

Select from our line of coped, drive-on connectors, our Wedge-Lock™ Welding Connector, insert sleeves, and our unique Wagner Splice-Lock™ mechanical splice connector.

They include:

  • Available for steel, aluminum and stainless steel.
  • No chamfering necessary.
  • Align pipe and tube prior to welding.
  • Save up to 50% on your shop and field welding and finishing costs.
  • Wagner’s original, patented connector simplifies alignment prior to welding. Wedge-Locks will take more than 100 pounds of tension.
Splice Locks™
  • Available in steel, aluminum alloy 3003 and stainless steel type 304. Splice-Locks are designed for the alignment of handrail sections and as expansion joints. They are most effective as a joint stiffener when used within 12″ of a welded post or handrail bracket.
  • The screw hole is threaded into the connector and the Splice-Lock’s prongs hold the piece together as a unit allowing for simple insertion into the pipe or tube. The set screw is a headless socket with a cup end.
  • Splice-Locks have a similar shear strength to standard pipe but are not to be used in post assemblies.
  • Single-Lock Splice-Locks are for use as connectors or expansion joints.
Couplings & Fittings
  • These fittings are used to connect pipe or tube end-to-end mechanically or with an adhesive. If used as an expansion joint, connect one end and leave the other unattached.
  • Square & Rectangular Post Fittings permit the mounting of pipe railings directly to square or rectangular post material. They are available for bolt on or weld applications.
Socket Weld Fittings
  • These patented fittings are designed to fit over the pipe size as noted.
  • In your shop – fabricate pipe posts complete with elbows, tees, crosses and flanges.
  • In the field – slip top rails through the tees, place middle rails into crosses and then weld.
  • Formed fittings have an open seam. Welded seam is available.
  • Supplied in mill finish. Other finishes available upon request.
Drive-On Connectors
  • No more pipe coping or notching necessary.
  • Simple to use and weld on, these money-saving connectors are used with pipe sections to form a railing system.
  • Unique drive-on and weld design eliminates pipe coping and saves time spent on cutting and alignment.


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