Non-Weld Railing Components

Kee Klamp

Non-Weld Railing Components
Non-weld railing components are easily assembled using mechanical fasteners Available in steel and aluminum.

Non-Weld Railing Componens

Kee Klamp® Slip on Fittings
Kee Klamp fittings are the worlds leading structural pipe fittings, with over 100 million units sold. Since 1934, Kee Klamp has dedicated to providing the world with versatile, economical and durable methods of building tubular structures.There are many variations of fittings to suite a wide range of applications, providing the versatility to achieve any structural configuration. Kee Klamp fittings are galvanized malleable iron castings designed to suit five sizes of pipe. A standard hex key and tube cutters are the only tools required to create strong, rigid structures. Recessed set screws, tightened by a hex key firmly lock the tube into the fitting. The set screw is manufactured in case hardened steel and is coated to protect against corrosion. Each fitting comes with one to five set screws per fitting depending on the number of pipe sections to be joined at one joint.With Kee Klamp there is no welding, threading drilling, or bolting. So you are able to reduce labor costs by 70% and these fitting are 100% reusable. Because there are no special tools required handrail can be quickly installed by maintenance staff and you can be confident that they will meet the required safety standards.Kee Klamp can also accommodate ramps, slopes, and disabled access. Sloped fittings simplify the installation of handrails on slopes up to 11 degrees. Prior to tightening tubes are allowed to pivot in the barrel of the Kee Klamp fitting, enabling continuous in-position adjustment from 0 through 11 degrees. Once tightened, the Kee Klamp handrail becomes as strong and rigid as any welded rail. The structure by having the set screws either inward or outward facing.KeeKlamp is also able to accommodate staircases. Staircase fittings make possible the design and installation of Kee Klamp handrails on staircases with angles from 30 to 45 degrees.

With Kee Klamp versatile modular systems you can adapt, extend, or even temporarily remove your handrails for maintenance access.

Kee Klamp fitting can support an axial load of 2,000 lbs per set screw with the set screw tightened to a torque of 29 lbs/ft. This is normally obtained when the screw is fully tightened using a ratchet wrench.

Aluminum Slip-On Pipe Fittings

Aluminum Non-Weld pipe fitting
Aluminum slip-on fittings are lightweight structural fittings for use with schedule 40 aluminum pipe. This is a great alternative to expensive and labor intensive welding or pipe bending. These railings can be easily assembled in half the amount of time it takes for more traditional metalworking.

This systems is designed so that no welding, threading or bending is required. It is easily installed with only a few cuts and each joint is secured with set screws. The system is completely adjustable and may be customized to fit your specific application. No painting or maintenance is required and these fittings can be installed permanently or disassembled and re-used for subsequent jobs.

Fittings are cast from 535.2 ASTM B 26 aluminum alloy and have a tumbled finish. Set screws are plated steel – type 304 stainless steel set screws are available upon request. Bolts are zinc plated steel. The “diamond” tapers out to cover 30% of the barrel where extra strength is need most. This also allows the set screw to be secured to minimize loosening.

This system will save you time, labor and money on every job.

Series 500 & 550Series 9000Interna-Rail®Wagneraril

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