Post & End Caps

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Materials may qualify for LEED credits.

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Post & End Caps


POST CAPS – Pressed

These steel post caps are pressed. Pressed caps have radius corners, and when used with aluminum architectural tubing, you will need to relieve corners to drive on cap.


Cast caps have radiused outside corners and round inside corners, and come in 3 options:

  • Aluminum, Satin Finish
  • Bronze, Satin Finish
  • Cast Iron, As Cast
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Spheres & Hemispheres

Spheres & Hemispheres

These hollow metal balls and metal spheres have a wide range of ornamental applications for designers and fabricators. They have an ample wall thickness for welding, screwing or tapping; however, they are not recommended for mechanical applications that have precise dimensional requirements. Steel and stainless steel balls are 11 gauge (.120″ thick), and aluminum and brass balls have a 1/8″ wall thickness.

Standard finish is mill with the weld seam ground flush. Wagner can furnish specific finishes, however, we will not take responsibility for customer grinding or finishing, which can cause distortion. Please note, Wagner does not recommend bright polishing the aluminum balls due to the porosity of the material.

Holes in the ends are required for manufacturing and may be plugged later.

Hollow Balls contain a drilled alignment hole:

  • 1-1/2″ diameter to 8″ diameter have a 3/16″ hole
  • 10″ and 12″ diameter have a 1/4″ hole

Hemisphere holes:

  • 1″ to 8″ diameter Hemispheres have no hole
  • 10″ to 12″ diameter Hemispheres have a 1/4″ hole
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