Who We Are

Wagner was founded in 1955 with the idea that the industry was ready for a different kind of commercial handrail company. One that is focused on the customer and its employees. Instead of focusing solely on keeping up in the market, our founders set out to innovate and grow Wagner into the market leader it is today.

We believe there’s a world of difference between simply being a competent and reliable supplier, and a partner known for outperforming. To truly stand out in the industry, we have to play a critical role in helping our customers do the same. This is why we have aligned every part of our business to do exactly that.

In 2016, the Wagner family sold their company to the employees. Selling to their employees was an easy choice. The family was able to keep manufacturing jobs in the Milwaukee area and let their employees carry on the rich traditions that made the company a great place to work. Wagner is now a 100% employee-owned manufacturing company through an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). An ESOP is a qualified retirement plan designed to give our Shareholders beneficial ownership in the company. We firmly believe employee ownership drives us toward success in all we do.


What Is an ESOP?

An ESOP is an employee ownership structure that works similarly to a qualified retirement plan, much like a 401K. As an employee, you are given ownership of the company through stock. Shares are distributed to employees over time. If you work for an employee-owned company with an ESOP, you have your own account that holds your shares in the company. Gaining full ownership of shares (becoming fully vested) typically takes a few years, which encourages Shareholders to stay at employee-owned companies for the long term.

When you’re an employee at Wagner, you’re an owner. We are a value-based market leader where all employee Shareholders are vested in the success of a sustainable ESOP. This beneficial ownership empowers our Shareholders to be actively involved in making our company the best it can be. ESOP allows shared governance, shared responsibility, and shared rewards—it fits with our entrepreneurial and empowered spirit. For our customers, it means we’re deeply invested in every project because our success is tied to yours.


ESOP Values

Our Values

Our Shareholders embody our core values of innovation, performance, people, integrity and empathy. All our values work together to create a culture of accountability. As an ESOP, we are all Shareholders and experience successes and shortfalls together. By living out our values, we’re able to hold ourselves and others accountable to ensure we fulfill our promises and obligations. These values are more than just words on our walls—they are the foundation for our approach to business.


As a team, we do the right thing. We respect, trust, and support each other, motivating everyone to achieve their career goals. We recognize and celebrate everyone's contribution to Wagner's success.

Success will come and go but integrity lasts forever. We are honest and forthcoming with each other, regardless of the situation or circumstances.

Understanding perspectives helps us to build collaborative solutions that strengthen our relationships with each other and with customers.

We foster purpose-driving creativity. We identify and explore new opportunities and actively offer new ideas that solve challenges and exceed expectations.

Our combined performance ensures the health of our company and our ESOP. Profitability fuels us as we grow and allows us to sustain the financial security of our stakeholders.

People Love to Work Here

We are proud to work here and have a great story to tell, full of history and innovation. We pride ourselves on embracing our culture of accountability that never stops improving and offers our customers cutting-edge, innovative solutions.

As we've grown, we have retained the friendly, caring culture we started with in 1955. A culture where each individual is respected. Where each person has the resources and support to make a difference and succeed. Where you can build your career with purpose. And where the benefits reflect how much our employees and their families are valued. Our benefits include:

  • Competitive Health Insurance Plans
  • Dental Insurance
  • Vision Insurance
  • 401K with Employer Match
  • Company Stock through our Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP)
  • Education Assistance
  • Annual Personal Development Allowance
  • And More

Interested in learning more about our career opportunities? Our team is growing and is looking for the best talent to join our ESOP.


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