Handrail Installation Service Packages

We understand how time-consuming and complex handrail installations can be. That's why we are here to partner with you and guide you through any step of your handrail installation. Our services allow you to leverage our years of expertise to help eliminate the guesswork of installing our railing systems. Select or combine from our first two service packages below, or choose our Wagner Turnkey package to receive our ultimate, stand-alone service solution.

  • Ensure a fast and seamless completion of your project
  • Eliminate the guesswork out of your job
  • Reduce the time for the drawing approval process
  • Experience expert technical guidance throughout your handrail installation
  • Partner installers to provide a complete railing installation for you

Choose from the three options below and request a quote for the services needed. We can't wait to work with you.

Field Measurements
Our product experts will go on-site to gather the correct field measurements for your project. We can provide accurate field dimensions the first time—significantly reducing the time for the drawing approval feedback loop.
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Consultative Support
Your installer will provide us with accurate field dimensions. Upon receiving the railing system materials, your installer will be guided by our experts through assembly and installation.
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Turnkey Installation
This is our ultimate service package. We will take all measurements and do a complete installation of our railing systems including fitting, cutting, welding, polishing and anchoring that may be required for the system.
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