Intuitive Design
  • Grooved inner channel prevents mechanisms from shifting
  • Glass panels can be installed on either side of base shoe
  • Engineered shoe provides strength where needed for a solid base
Innovative Adjustability
  • Glass can tilt up to to 2° for precise glass alignment
  • Mechanisms provide strong, secure fit for a full range of glass sizes
  • Easy access to tightening fasteners from the top of shoe
Easy Installation
  • No special tools or training required for installation
  • Alignment tabs allow for easy alignment of shoe segments
  • Kits come ready to install when paired with cladding, gasket and anchors

Level Lock Plus™

Where Fast Installation Meets Innovative Adjustability

Level Lock Plus™ features an intuitive locking mechanism that allows the glass to tilt up to 2° in either direction for an easy, precise alignment. Alignment tabs are available in various angles to ensure base shoes are seamlessly positioned at the beginning of installation.

The system's base shoe was designed with a grooved, symmetrical inner channel to allow the mechanisms to be installed on either side of the shoe—providing additional safety when installing on elevated surfaces. The mechanism’s advanced tilting capabilities allow the installed glass to better withstand environmental changes that could lead to cracks, or shattering.

Level Lock Plus has been designed to create optimal sight lines without obscuring the intricate details of your design. A post-less system with fully concealed components and optional cladding makes Level Lock Plus an ideal glass railing solution.

Need a Custom Level Lock Plus™ Solution?

Wagner offers engineering and manufacturing services to meet your project's site-specific requirements. Let our experts assist you in creating a uniquely stunning Level Lock Plus™ handrail solution.

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