Wagner's Commitment to Quality

Wagner is committed to continual improvement as an employee-owned company by providing the highest quality products and services to our valued customers. We accomplish this by maintaining a firm dedication to delivering value through:

Advanced Quality Planning Activities
Our equipment and technicians provide unparalleled quality, continually performing at the highest level possible.

Process Innovation
Our in-house quality engineering staff employs tools to ensure parts are made to specification and processes are stable.

Team-Based Continual Improvement
Wagner has state-of-the-art fabrication equipment to provide our customers with only the finest quality metal parts.


Quality is Top of Mind so You Can Have Peace of Mind

As a leading railing manufacturer, we understand our customers expect the utmost quality in the products and services they receive from Wagner. To keep this standard, we only employ the best programs, machinery and people to ensure consistent quality with our parts and products before they leave our facility. To give our customers peace of mind when working with Wagner, we ensure:

  • Quality personnel with Six Sigma certifications
  • Hexagon Metrology performed by trained and certified Romer operators
  • GD&T qualifications are met with the ability to layout accordingly
  • Laser templates for verification



    Tube Bending Efficiency

    Wagner works to eliminate the guesswork and material waste from our tube bending process while simultaneously reducing production time. We do this by measuring a prototype tube, sending the design to one of our qualified benders and automatically calculating the bend corrections required to ensure identical subsequent sections.

    Our Romer PC-DMIS portable system allows us to monitor operations more effectively and efficiently. The system’s advanced algorithms and best-fit, iterative techniques allow us to easily measure complex, contoured parts.