Lumenrail®: For Life Safety and Light

Common areas and pedestrian walkways have specific lighting requirements to ensure safe navigation and access in dark or low-light conditions. These same walkways also require the use of handrails to protect, guide and assist pedestrians on ramps, landings, stairs and balconies. The Lumenrail® family of products combines these lighting and safety requirements into one seamless, illuminated, protective assembly.

Lumenrail products utilize either linear or point-source luminaires with current LED technology for exceptional flexibility, performance and longevity. These light sources have the output and illumination required to help pedestrians distinguish objects and obstacles clearly and without glare, often eliminating the need for additional lighting sources. Depending on the type of installation or your design specifications, Lumenrail can serve as either the primary light source or as supplemental, ambient lighting.

Wagner works with architects, lighting designers, engineers and contractors to deliver complete product systems, or custom engineer and fabricate design-specific railing and panel solutions. Learn more about our entire Lumenrail product line and choose the ideal luminaire for your application.

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ASLA 2024
October 6-9, 2024 | Washington, D.C.

We always appreciate reconnecting with you at trade shows and events! These are opportunities to chat with our knowledgeable representatives and learn more about our illuminated handrailing systems and supporting products.

They are also outstanding venues to introduce new and innovative products to the architectural lighting market—something you won't want to miss. Recently, our Cuff™ Post Sconce™ captured the attention of the judges at LightFair® 2022 and we are proud to have been recognized with a LightFair Innovation Award! 

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Lumenrail® Project Portfolio

Discover the ways our integrated illuminated railing systems helped to make a great entrance for a variety of unique applications.