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Our customers have always been, and always will be, our top priority. Why do customers choose Wagner?

Wide Range of Products: Wagner manufactures and stocks a large variety of handrail components and railing system kits. You're sure to find what you need to fabricate a high-quality, code-compliant railing system.

Custom Engineered Systems: Work with Wagner to custom engineer and fabricate a railing system that is perfect for your job. Our expert estimators, project managers and engineers will work with you every step of the way.

Installation Services: Leverage our knowledge and expertise to ensure a fast and seamless completion of your project. From field dimensioning and technical consultations to full installations, we're here to help.

We work with customers involved in all different phases of the building process. Whether you're an architect or lighting designer, fabricator or glazier, you can count on Wagner to be a trusted partner to help with your project from concept to completion. Learn more about how we can best serve you below.

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Your building designs require creative, innovative and stylish life-safety solutions. We offer quality systems that are manufactured to stand the test of time. Our products have been engineered to stand up to even the most stringent code-compliance requirements so you can specify a Wagner product without hesitation. We make it easy to access drawings for our systems. You can access CAD drawings here.

We can provide you and your team with the necessary materials to learn about our products, as well as the necessary technical data so you have the right specs and drawings for submittal packages. Additionally, if you would like to learn about railing design and code compliance, we regularly offer Continuing Education (CE) credits that are AIA-approved.

Our continuous innovation and collaborative approach to life-safety railing solutions can help turn your vision into a beautiful reality. Let our architectural railing systems provide the quality, ingenuity and sustainability you're looking for.


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We help to make glass railing system installation as easy as possible to help you get the job done right the first time. Whether you're looking for a base shoe moulding system or a post glass railing system, Wagner has you covered with options for both interior and exterior applications.

Order and install patented systems and/or systems that meet ICC code compliance. Many of our glass railing systems are offered online, allowing you to order with ease. Should your job require a custom solution, our team of product experts is standing by to help you every step of the way.

We take pride in developing innovative and high-tech glass railing systems that not only help to enhance the beauty of the space but make installation a cinch.


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Bring ambiance, beauty and safety to handrail. Our illuminated architectural handrail systems combine lighting and safety requirements into one seamless, illuminated, protective assembly. We understand light is a technically difficult yet impactful and impressive medium, requiring the most innovative technology for a beautiful output. Here at Wagner, we view your dark space as our blank canvas.

We offer linear and point source lighting solutions that are designed for both interior and exterior applications. Our full line of Lumenrail® solutions can be used as a primary light source or as supplemental decorative lighting depending on design specifications. Our line of illuminated architectural railings has been designed with flexibility, longevity and performance top-of-mind so you can have peace of mind when specifying our products.

Not only do we offer beautiful illuminated architectural rail designs, but we can also assist with field measurements, installation and electrical work. Let's work together to develop and deliver a complete system to provide safety, assist navigation and elevate the architectural aesthetic of your next design.


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With over six decades of component and manufacturing expertise, Wagner is an industry-leading handrail component supplier. We maintain an inventory of standard component products in various sizes and finishes to meet your job needs. And the best part? These components are easy to access and can be ordered either online or over the phone by speaking with a product expert. We understand your project may have unique metal fabrication needs and Wagner is here to ensure they're met.

We strive to be a fabricator's go-to source for handrail components and have been recognized as a reliable source for high-quality, code-compliant handrail and innovative railing solutions. Whether you're creating a railing solution for commercial building spaces, hotels, residential buildings, performance centers, healthcare buildings or high-rise office buildings, we'll be with you every step of the way.

We don't just want to meet your expectations, we want to exceed them. That's why we have designed our products in alignment with the highest quality standards and code-compliance top of mind. Let our experience help you to get the job done right the first time.


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