Seek “True” Added Value in Contract Metal Processing

Pipe & Tube Roll Bending Services from The Wagner CompaniesAn essential strategy for maximizing manufacturing profitability is to partner with a versatile, outside resource that directly contributes to improving your bottom line. Providing a variety of skills that go beyond making parts “to-print” can save a project time and money. Yet, there is a significant lack of understanding and application of this strategy across the manufacturing spectrum.

Contract Metal Processing Services vs. In-House Fabrication

Choosing whether to produce in-house or to outsource can be a complex decision that organizations with metal fabrication needs must face. The level of fabrication expertise needed, available resources, capacity and project lead-time must all be evaluated. For some, producing in-house is difficult and possibly not feasible. Whether it is a matter of business focus or the need for overflow capacity, being able to reach out to a seasoned manufacturing alternative can be advantageous in strong or declining economies.

Working with a well-balanced partner leads to even more impactful efficiencies. The ability to immediately tap into available floor space, machine time, trained personnel and most importantly engineering expertise, can pay greater dividends by streamlining the current production process. Quality checks will have a uniform reliability, especially when a wide variety of multiple fabrication operations are needed such as tube bending, tube laser, flat laser, stamping, welding, CNC machining or polishing.  Managing only one master schedule as opposed to multiple independent schedules can greatly reduce overall lead-time while material handling and shipping costs are minimized.

The Value of Developing a Strong-Ongoing Business Relationship

Investing in and cultivating a seamless connection to your contract metals processor will lead to a clearer understanding of the uniqueness of the products produced and the nature of the business. This opens the door to meaningful collaboration with a trusted source in the initial development stages of your products. Perhaps there is a need for creative work-holding to minimize set up and welding costs. Or possibly a more ideal tube bending process to minimize the need for special tooling. Producing astute improvements which incorporate efficient manufacturing processes leads to robust product design which increases quality and reliability and reduces costs. The end-result positions you for success and increases speed-to-market.

More Than Just Quality Procedures

Quality control on the shop floor is only a part of a robust quality program. The acceptance of a quality management philosophy must permeate all branches of the organization – from the executive level on down. The difference between a reliable supplier who is well immersed in an ISO culture, compared to an inconsistent supplier who is ISO certified and simply going through the motions is night and day. An outstanding metals processor aligns its quality policy that governs the entire organization with effective quality procedures.

Your Voice Carried Throughout

The difference between mediocre and outstanding metals processors is the ability to drill down to what matters most to you and help get you there. Being adept at adjusting resources to match your unique challenges, the right partner will not only offer a wide mix of capabilities, expertise, quality, and dedication, they will also be exceptional at quickly understanding and working to achieve your goals.  When selecting a metal processing partner, be sure to look for the differentiator that signifies a “true” added value provider with the expertise that takes your project beyond making parts “to-print.”

We Can Help

R&B Wagner-Contract Metals Manufacturing (CMM) has been providing expert custom metals processing since 1850. We’re passionate about helping our customers find a better, faster, and higher overall value solution. We strive to be a partner, not just a vendor, that can add value to you serving as a true extension of your team. To learn more, contact us today.


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