Core Values for The Wagner Companies

There are four core values which have guided this company’s business over the years. These fundamental beliefs reflect the culture of The Wagner Companies.

Creativity and InnovationCreativity and Innovation

We must constantly strive to improve our present service and products. The greatest gains are won by the people and the companies that recognize an opportunity to do something about it.

Integrity and Fairness

Integrity and fairness are indispensable to business, yet they are the most difficult assets to earn and the easiest to lose.

People — Educated and Empowered Employees

Our aim is to provide a fulfilling work climate based on teamwork and cooperation where people can grown and develop to their fullest potential.



Treat each customer and co-worker as you would like to be treated yourself.

What are Core Values?

The core values of The Wagner Companies are those values which form the foundation on which we perform and conduct ourselves. While there are many values that hold true, these are the ones that are important enough that we want to share them.

With all of the changes that happen around us, these values remain constant.

Core values are not descriptions of what The Wagner Companies do.   They are what underlie our company’s day-to-day life — how we interact with each other and our customers. It’s how we go about our work.

Core values are the practices we use — or should be using — every day in everything we do.

Core Values:

  • Guide business practices
  • Underpin The Wagner Companies
  • Direct our relationships
  • Are essential to our success
  • Flows down from the top
  • Make clear who we are
  • Guide us in making decision

Core Values are not:

  • Changed in response to market demands
  • A business strategy
  • Applied only to individuals
  • Just pretty words to put on the wall
  • Cultural norms


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