Quality Pipe & Tube Bending, Metal Laser Cutting Services in Milwaukee

Are you looking for quality services for your next pipe and tube bending or metal laser cutting project in Milwaukee? Whether you need pipe and tube fitting for a variety of handrails or metal laser cutting services for pipe connections, pipe flanges, or pipe elbows, for example, you’ve come to the right place. At R&B Wagner, we offer exceptional services that exceed our customer’s expectations by standing behind our bending and laser services that have earned us the trust of our customers, many of whom are repeat customers.

To learn more about our pipe and tube bending and metal laser cutting services for your next project, read on to discover the benefits of working with R&B Wagner.

Pipe & Tube Bending in Milwaukee

Pipe & Tube Roll Bending Services from The Wagner Companies

Pipe and tube bending is the umbrella term for using metal form process to permanently form pipe or tubing. This includes bending round or square aluminum or carbon steel. Stainless steel, such as that used in header pipe, hand railing, stair railing, museum railing, airport railing, glass railing, staircase railing, porch railing and more also falls under this definition.

In fact, pipe and tube bending is the preferred design option for any modern piping and tubing systems you use today. The benefits of pipe bending include a significant reduction of welds and fittings, while at the same time it increases the process’s efficiency.

The best technology is used by R&B Wagner to form any type of project you have. Aside from tubing, we can bend any structural type you need, such as bending rods or channels, not to mention metal fabrication that involves brazing, welding, leak testing, and machining. For more information about our custom pipe and tube bending capabilities, contact us directly.

Metal Laser Cutting in Milwaukee

The benefits of using metal laser cutting services by R&B Wagner are many. Our team uses this service to make small, precise cuts in sheet metal with different thickness without altering or distorting the metal. This is because laser cutting is more gentle than other types of metal cutting in that it doesn’t depend on physical force, but instead it is able to separate the metal without causing an uneven edge or other distortion.

The kinds of metals we cut with lasers include sheet metal tags, engraved sheet metal, sheet metal baskets, metal stamping services, custom metal fabrication and more.

Using laser cut parts gives you an advantage because it reduces stress on the sheet metal. Also, when using metal laser cutting services, you can expect to have only a small heated zone that does not affect the rest of the metal, which can cause unnecessary damage. In fact, the cuts can be very close to each other without compromising the quality of the metal. All in all, this allows for making numerous cuts per square foot.

With 165 years of experience, R&B Wagner is the place to go for pipe and tube bending services and metal laser cutting in Milwaukee. We pride ourselves on being easy to work with and accommodating to each individual customer’s needs. All of our services are located at our efficient and modern 150,000 sq ft facility.

To learn more about our pipe and tube bending services along with our metal laser cutting, contact us today.


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