Lumenrail®, for Life Safety and Light at the Lewis and Clark Caverns

The Lewis and Clark Caverns is a state park located in Jefferson County, Montana—home to one of the largest known limestone caverns in the Northwest. The caverns are a great example of a living cave ecosystem where visitors can observe a variety of unique species such as blind and albino spiders, springtails, harvestmen, big-eared bats and bushy-tailed rats. The cave had an incandescent light system from the early 1940s that posed a shock hazard and was promoting unwelcome algae growth because of the heat produced by the lights. In an effort to make the caverns a safer place for visitors, staff and the wildlife, the park decided it was time for an upgrade to their handrail and cave lighting.

Wagner offered a two-in-one solution and provided the cave with a Lumenrail® Lumenpod® 28 illuminated railing system that features LED illumination that produces light approximately 90% more efficiently than incandescent bulbs. Lumenpod 28 is a point-source luminaire that, unlike harsh overhead lighting, provides optimal visibility for all the narrow walking surfaces within the caverns without obscuring the beautiful intricacies of the cave. Installing an illuminated railing system in the caverns that was up to code but didn’t disturb the cave’s delicate ecosystem in the process posed a lot of challenges. The state park prohibited drilling, welding, grinding and the use of adhesives in the cave to preserve the ecosystem during the remodel. To learn how Wagner was able to complete this massive installation, click here!