Lumenrail®, for Life Safety and Light at Trestle Park

Trestle Park is a breathtaking stop on Milwaukee’s Riverwalk, located in the Historic Third Ward. This bridge was once a swing bridge landing of the Chicago and Northwestern Railway but has since been repurposed and redesigned by architect Jim Shields of HGA, and has received phenomenal reviews since its debut in 2018. Visitors will find not just a simple park along the Milwaukee Riverwalk, but access to a 150-foot-long by 40-foot-wide trestle structure that sticks out into the Milwaukee River allowing for some incredible views.

Wagner was chosen to equip Trestle Park with our Lumenrail® Lumenpod® 16 point-source luminaires to provide life-safety illumination for the walkways and extended landing at Trestle Park. Rotated at 22° in the rails for an asymmetric beam spread, our compact LED point-source luminaires ensure a uniform output on walking surfaces to provide optimal visibility. A solid machined 316 stainless steel body combined with superior harsh environment and vandal resistance ensures our luminaires will illuminate and accentuate the beauty of Trestle Park for years to come.