Slip-Fit - Providing Simple Solutions at Wagner

Wagner’s office and manufacturing building is located in Milwaukee, WI. The office entryway once featured a staircase lined with cast iron railing from our early acquisition of the J.G. Braun company. Wagner later decided to modernize the entryway by installing one of our beautiful glass railing systems along the stairway, using our Wagner Slip-Fit™ Brackets to make the railing installation a breeze.

Slip-Fit is a non-weld component that can be installed in just three easy steps for a quick and simple installation. Saddle screws allow for railing adjustments in either direction for a seamless railing installation with no visible gaps or seams at connection points. Brackets meet required handrail code dimensions when used with standard 1-1/4” (1.66” OD) pipe size and are available in a variety of finishes and mounting options. Whether you’re needing a solution for a new or retrofit application, or simply in need of a railing repair, Slip-Fit is your ideal component solution.