State-of-the-Art Architectural Glass Systems

The Wagner Companies is an industry leader in state-of-the-art, easy-to-install, attractive and functional architectural glass systems. High-performing, aesthetically-pleasing options can be custom made for a range of interior and exterior applications.

Dry Glaze Glass Railing Systems – new technology to save time and money

Panel Grip 2
PanelGrip 2®Building upon the legacy of PanelGrip, Wagner introduces the streamlined design of PanelGrip 2®. With its unique, durable locking mechanism and specially designed, lighter weight aluminum base shoe moulding, installation of this system is faster and more cost-effective than other standard dry glaze options.

Clearly a smart choice for your next glass railing system, PanelGrip 2® offers:

  • An innovative, intuitively-designed, non-weld, modular rail system that allows for faster, simpler installation without any special tools or training needed
  • The ability to be installed by one person, on one side of the glass, while the single base shoe accommodates the broadest grip range of any dry glaze system (1/2″ – 1″ or 15-25mm) – ideal for balcony railing applications
  • Performance that exceeds the market level for the quick assembly of structural glass railing – no messy fillers or other glass preparation required – code compliant when properly specified and installed

Legato Railing
Legato™ Railing CollectionWagner’s Legato™ Railing Collection combines simplicity with style. It’s an easy to install, durable line that comes in a range of high-quality, attractive design options to customize your look. The mechanically-assembled, non-weld, modular railing system allows for a faster, simpler installation without any special training required.
An innovative and modern glass railing system, the Legato™ Collection offers:
  • Readily available exacting specs, drawings and code compliance (when properly specified and installed) to provide enhanced reliability for any job
  • Simple ordering and prompt shipping for easier selection and shorter lead times
  • Enduring, rust-resistant style with type 316 satin-finished stainless steel, and sleek, clean lines for a sophisticated look to enhance any space

Part of our range of handrail and balustrade accents. We combine aesthetics with functionality, achieved through elegant and uncomplicated designs. All of our Architectural Glass Systems use stylish yet simple components, making them easy to install and extremely secure through a wide range of external and internal applications.
  • Frameless/Structural glass fencing
  • Contemporary and stylish alternative to wood or aluminum fencing
  • Freestanding system
  • Low-profile components
  • Unobstructed view and maximum light transmission


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Straightforward installation and the ability to customize your look.


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