How-To Videos

Find out how to assemble and install a number of products with these helpful videos:

Swaging Studs on Cable & Installing Invisiware in Metal Posts

Swaging Ferrules onto Cable

Swaging Studs and Installing Invisiware in Wood

Invisiware® Receivers in Wood

Swaging Cable & Installing Adjust-A-Jaw® Tensioners

Installing Ultra-tec® Fixed Jaws

Installing Push-Lock Fittings in Wood

Invisiware Receivers in Wood

Installing Pull-Lock Fittings in Wood

Installing Invisiware Receivers on Stairways

Installing Adjust-A-Jaw Tensioners without Swaging

Installing Adjust-A-Body® with Hanger Bolt Tensioner

Adjust-A-Jaw Installation

Swaging Threaded Studs onto Cable

Adjust-A-Jaw Installation

PanelGrip Installation

Slip Fit Installation