Wagner’s Lumenpod® 28 Featured in Lewis and Clark Caverns State Park

MILWAUKEE (October 2, 2019)—R & B Wagner is excited to provide the illuminated hand railings throughout the Lewis and Clark Caverns, providing safety to all its visitors.  

Lumenpod® 28 is featured in Lewis and Clark Caverns State Park located in Jefferson County Montana, home to one of the largest known limestone caverns in the Northwest. Wagner’s illuminated handrail system provides safety on pathways and stairs without detracting from the decorative illumination. Since 2007 the state has been working on updating all the lighting in the cavern to LEDs. One of the challenges visitors face is having to adjust to the darkness of the cave and the existing poor pathway lighting. Wagner’s Lumenpod 28 illuminated handrail system was perfect for the state’s application. Not only does the new handrail design improve visitor safety by locating the railing at appropriate heights, it will also effectively illuminate an uneven walking surface.

Lumenpod 28 is a high-performance, point-source LED luminaire designed specifically for handrail applications. They feature both symmetric and asymmetric output options to address variable widths, curves and elevation changes. Their innovative patent pending design features a simplified installation with fewer connections and components. Developed and produced domestically, Lumenpod 28 is ideal for life safety and light.

The caverns are a living cave ecosystem, which would not allow for welding, grinding or drilling within the cave. This required the railings to be designed around the existing mounting holes used by the original railings. The railings could also not exceed 10 feet in length. This required Wagner to apply its creative engineering capabilities to complete this job successfully. In the end the lighting performance in the cave is spectacular. Our lights provide safety on pathways and stairs without detracting from the decorative illumination of the spectacular geological formations that draw visitors to the cave from around the world.


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