Beauty of Nature Shines Through Architectural Glass Railing

Glass railing brings the outdoors in.

Fall Glass Railing

We love our fall colors in Wisconsin, so building anything that could potentially block our view is unthinkable. With customers who specify Wagner architectural glass systems time and time again, we know we’re not alone. For bringing the beauty and light of nature into your project, there’s no better solution than glass railing.

Humans have an innate need to connect with nature, and many architects design with that in mind. Design that takes access to nature into consideration, also known as biophilic design, has been scientifically proven to positively impact the lives of those who inhabit these spaces. Recent studies show that biophilic design not only benefits mood and well-being but it also can promote physical healing – one reason that hospital designers work to bring nature indoors.

Whether biophilic design is part of your project goals or not, we can all agree that being near nature and being able to view nature is an important decision to make when specifying your building materials – and that includes architectural glass. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of glass railing using the words of some great thinkers as our inspiration.

“Good architecture lets nature in.” – Mario Pei

Aside from safety, the purpose of a handrail and railing system is usually to offer some sort of immersion into the outside world. So it’s unfortunate that older balconies needed to be surrounded by wrought iron or brick, obscuring a great deal of the view. Thankfully, glass railing, like our no-post PanelGrip® collection, lets the outside in – whether you are out on the balcony or viewing it from indoors. This elegant, dry-glaze panel system, featuring an aluminum LEED Credit shoe, easily allows the beauty of nature into your setting during any season.  Wagner glass railings offer visibility.

“Look deep into nature. You will understand everything better.” – Albert Einstein

Lending themselves to nearly every type of building style and motif you can think of, glass railings offer the flexibility to adapt. Since they blend in with surroundings effortlessly, they do not take away from the view in or out. A glass railing system like our Legato™ features a variety of post shapes, mounting options, and configurations. This easy-to-install system of 316 stainless steel rail railing plus glass infill (in various thicknesses) can be built to exacting, code-compliant specifications. For unobtrusive metal handrails and railing systems, glass can make the beauty of your interior or exterior project shine through. Wagner glass railings offer versatility.

“Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you.”

– Frank Lloyd Wright

Lake Glass Railing

Not only do Wagner glass railing systems allow us to study nature and get closer to it, they are built to endure the harshest elements in nature. Both PanelGrip™ and Legato™ systems are durable, state-of-the-art architectural glass solutions, designed for use indoors and out. Both offer components manufactured to our highest standards with high performance materials and finishes. Wagner glass railings offer durability.

Is anything more inspiring than nature? By revealing nature and providing access to the outdoors, we believe architects and designers hold the key human happiness. Wagner glass railings offer the visibility, the versatility and the durability to bring nature to light. Ready to talk through some ideas for your next architectural glass project? Our quality control and customer service team are steeped in the knowledge of codes and standards. Clearly, we would love to help bring your vision to life!


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