Tube Bending

Pipe Bending - Roll BendingWagner is an expert at tube bending. We can bend most diameters and sizes of tube — in aluminum, steel, stainless steel, brass, and bronze.

Wagner has equipment for roll bending, rotary bending, and induction bending. The process will vary depending on your requirements for material and quantities.

The details below are common shapes for tube bending that may be bent from existing tooling. When describing your bend requirements, provide Wagner with the noted dimensions and the SK style number for pricing.

Need something different than these standard tube bending styles? Please contact Wagner with your special requirements.

For custom bending, quotes will indicate the Wagner Tolerance Class. Please indicate if dimensions have critical tolerances. Quotes can be based on a tighter tolerance class. Our standard tolerance would be “Class C”.

Wagner Class C Tube Bending Tolerances:

  • Bend Angles
    • +/- 1.5° thru 2.50″ OD
    • +/- 2.0° above 2.50″ OD
  • Center-to-center
    • +/- 0.125″ thru 2.50″ OD
    • +/- 0.250″ above 2.50″ OD
  • Cutting
    • +/- 0.062″

These configurations are available in most tube sizes, all materials, and most standard radii.

Pipe Bending and Tube Bending Templates

Pipe Bending and Tube Bending Templates

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Available Equipment

  • Fifteen Rotary Draw Benders thru 4.50″ OD.
  • VB300 Eaton Leonard CNC 3″ Rotary Bender.
  • VB400 Eaton Leonard CNC 4″ Rotary Bender.
  • Crippa CA-1042 E, Automatic CNC Tube Bending Machine
  • Two Elva Induction Benders through 5.00″ OD,
    1/4″ Wall.
  •  Unison CNC Rotary Draw Bender thru 2.50″ OD, .065″ Wall.
  • Four RAM Benders from 3T-30T (Vertical Press Bends).
  • R-6S Roundo Roll Bender – 4.50″ OD.
  • Two Buffalo Roll Benders.
  • Six Cold Saws.
  • Seven Band Saws.
  • Six Tube End Forming Machines.
  • Three Auto Feed Band Saws.
  • Two Belt Copers.
  • Milling Coper.
  • Shiftable Head CNC Bender.


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