Precision Metal Fabrication for Quality Metal Parts

Our main objective is to provide our customers with precision parts at competitive prices and delivered on time. We accomplish this by maintaining a firm dedication to provide superior value through:


Advanced Quality Planning Activities


Process Innovation


Team-Based Continuous Improvement

  • Our equipment and technicians provide unparalleled quality, continually performing at the highest level possible.
  • Our in-house quality engineering staff employs tools to ensure parts are made to specification and processes are stable.
  • All metal fabrication equipment is computer controlled to provide our customers with only the finest quality metal parts.

Verification activities are always available for review.

Here’s how we ensure superior quality in everything we do:
  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified
  • PPAP submittal expertise
  • Full electronic PPAP, FAI and C of C documentation available
  • On-line quality manual and hyperlinked ISO quality procedures
  • Calibration program in compliance with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 10012/1
  • Hexagon Metrology done by trained and certified Romer operators
  • Strong GD&T background with the ability to layout accordingly
Tube bending efficiency:
  • Eliminate waste and guesswork by measuring the first output from the bender and automatically calculating bend corrections required for subsequent sections – dramatically reducing startup scrap and significantly reducing time for production
  • No faster or more accurate way to reverse engineer a tube – measure a prototype tube, send design to bender, automatically compute bend corrections and next tube is identical to prototype
  • We inspect thin, flexible tube and wire shapes without touching them to get the most accurate results obtainable
  • Our PC-DMIS portable system provides the tools to more effectively monitor operations. It allows us to easily measure complex, contoured parts, since its roots are in the automotive and aerospace industries – suite of algorithms aids in aligning complex parts using best-fit and iterative techniques

The portable measurement devices have changed the way to monitor operations, making it possible to take measurements and analyze results where parts are made and assembled.


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