Reasons for Bike Friendly Spaces Keep Racking Up

At Wagner Companies, we encourage the practice of environmental sustainability – from our efficient use of resources to our continual development of environmentally friendly products. But another way we promote green initiatives can be found in one of our most popular products: our bike rails. Now more than ever, bikeability is a major consideration of public projects. Here are just a few reasons why.Customer Bike Rack

Bicycle commuting continues to rise

Bicycles are the fasting growing form of transportation in the U.S. According to The League of American Bicyclists, the United States has seen a 46% increase in people commuting by bike since 2005. With that, we see growth in the number of bike trails and bike sharing systems in our communities. It’s not a case of, “if you build it, they will come,” they are already here.

Increased revenue for business

Making streets and businesses more bike friendly can equate to sales, according to a New York City DOT report. Bike racks show bicycling patrons that, not only are they welcome, they are expected, with plenty of parking space to secure their ride. As soon as they park, two-wheeled traffic rapidly becomes foot traffic – into businesses and up to cash registers.

Less Property Damage

We have all seen what happens when bicycle racks are not available; cyclists lock their bike to the nearest fence, signpost or tree – sometimes suspending them off the ground. The repeated contact of metal chain locks, cable locks and u-locks, not to mention the sheer force of gravity, can take a toll on property over time. Including a bike rack in your next architectural plan is not just about hospitality, it’s about damage prevention.

An extension of your philosophy

Like Wagner Companies, many businesses share beliefs that sustainability and responsibility go hand in hand. A full bike rack sends out the message that you value the planet, as well as the personal wellness of customers and employees.

When it comes to bike railing options, Wagner has it on lock down. We offer railing kits that are easy to expand upon should the need for more room for bikes increase over the years.

Our flagship kit, Wagner BikeRail™, comes in one, three, or five loop kits – all non-weld assemblies. Typically, one loop holds two bikes, three loops hold five bikes, and five loop holds seven bikes. Produced from 2” galvanized steel railings, BikeRail™ offers both an unpainted galvanized, unpainted finish as well as a sleek, powder coated, black polyester finish.  BikeRail™ kits are packaged to ship FedEx, and include all hardware needed to install on site, either surface mount or embedded mount (see installation instruction videos). Serpentine three and five loop options attach via our Splice-Lock™ assemblies.

In addition to kits, our industrial strength serpentine bike racks are produced from continuous lengths of Schedule 40, 2” Nominal Pipe. With up to eleven loops, these steel bike racks are available from stock for quick shipment and in finish options of steel, hot-dipped galvanized steel, and satin stainless steel. (See diagram below for available lengths.) Custom laser-cut inserts can be added within the arches to include your own corporate branding.

Wagner Bike Rack

Speaking of customization, as experts in pipe and tube bending, Wagner can make your custom bike rack design a reality. Choose from examples in our catalog or send us your metal railing design or for a unique bike rack that’s all your own. Designers can use pipe and tube in a myriad of sculptural ways, offering parking for bicycles as well as a public art installation.

Bike racks are a forward-thinking reflection of your commitment to the future – one that can set your bids apart from your competitor and send a welcome message to patrons for years to come. Planning a bike friendly zone or railing solution in your next project? Let us know how we may be of service.


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