If you’ve followed my posts, you know that I have the tendency to view the world around me in terms of railings. This extends to traveling with my wife and what I see on television.

Here’s an example, I have been watching the show “Bosch” on Amazon Prime. Its third season was just released.

I’ve watched all three seasons and every time I see this it has been an issue with me.

Harry Bosch (played by Titus Welliver) is a Hollywood homicide detective. At some point, he sold the story of one of his murder cases for a movie production and made enough money to buy a beautiful home in the Hollywood Hills with a spectacular view.

Bosch1Nicely done Harry but couldn’t you spend a little extra and put in a cable railing that’s safe?

Take a look at this picture where he’s having breakfast with his daughter. Do you see the cable railing?

Look at the close-up below.

That’s 42″ guard with 5 horizontal strands of cable. If equally spaced, that would put the cable spacing at about 6.5″ — well beyond the current code requirement of 4″.

But even worse, look at that bottom cable. It’s so loose it’s almost touching the deck itself.


Cable railing is an excellent option on decks especially when you want to maximize your sightlines. However, this is not the way to do it.

Considering that the code requires that no opening be large enough that a 4″ sphere can pass, these cables are way off. In fact, with cable railing, you will need to space your cable 3″ apart, tension properly, and provide cable supports to meet the 4″ sphere rule. And, in order to avoid that droopy cable, go with a 1 x 19 strand to eliminate cable stretch as an issue.

Wagner has a great line of cable railing components that, when properly installed, will not result in this catastrophe waiting to happen.

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  • It figures that you would pick up something like this. Actually its kind of scary-as scary as some of the rascals Harry has to deal with in LA Homicide. Who would Harry contact in LA if he needed to re do that railing with some very safe Wagner Cable railing?

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