Advantages of Cable Railing for Life Safety Projects

Cable Railing Offers Superior Site Lines, Plus It’s Easy and Affordable

Stainless Steel Cable railing provides great aesthetics, contemporary style, minimal maintenance and design flexibility to any project whether commercial or residential without compromising the most important deliverable, life safety. The flexibility and versatility of the product – whether used either indoors or out – enables the specifier, designer, fabricator or home owner to realize their designs if properly specified and installed while also being code compliant. The Wagner Companies offers the widest selection of code-compliant, innovative architectural railing systems and components in the U.S. including a premier line of cable railings.

Commercial Cable Railing

Cable railing hardware is typically manufactured from 316 marine-grade stainless steel and is available in a variety of sizes and can be configured to meet your project’s design needs. Incorporate cable railings into your staircase balustrade, wood deck, vinyl porch or commercial project to create pristine, contemporary looks while ensuring that safety is top-of-mind. This, along with long-lasting quality, is why our cable railing solutions are preferred by architects, engineers and building professionals. Not only are cable railings beautiful, they install with minimal effort and lower cost making this the primary choice for quick and easy installation no matter the geographic location or application.

Green Building Bonus

Wagner’s cable railing system is also the only cable railing system to feature Invisiware®. With this technology, all hardware is hidden inside the end posts, providing a pristine look, unmatched by any other cable connector. In addition, our cable railing products are made of recycled materials, helping you qualify for the following types of LEED® credits:

LEED for New Construction – Material & Resources Credit 4.1 and 4.2

LEED for Commercial Interiors – Material & Resources Credit 4.1 and 4.2

LEED for Schools – Material & Resources Credit 4.1 and 4.2

Cable Railing Mounting Recommendation for Wagner Posts

 For steel posts, a minimum ¼” wall is recommended. Fittings for steel posts can be either inserted from the back side or threaded into the front. Aluminum end posts should be reinforced and only used with fittings that install from the back side of the post.

Preparing for Your Cable Railing Assembly

 Ready-to-install cable assemblies are pre-swaged and ready for your application:

  1. Measure the outside-to-outside run of the End Post and select the best solution for your project.
  2. Install the Cable and field trim after tensioning.
  3. Cable assemblies include: Fittings for both ends of your Cable run; all Washers and Fasteners necessary; 1/8″ or 3/16″ Diameter Type 316 Stainless Steel Cable; and instructions.
  4. How to Order: Determine your Railing frame materials – wood or metal – and the width or diameter of your End Post – Posts to which tensioning and other mounting hardware will be attached. Measure the length of each
  5. Cable run: Add at least 6 inches to your measurement. Order the assemblies in Cable length increments of 5 feet – up to 50 feet – to provide sufficient Cable for each of your Cable runs.
  6. Cable for the railings will be cut to proper length on site.
  7. Select the end fittings: For straight runs, you can use any of the Cable Assemblies offered. For Stairs or severe pitches, select from 200 Series with Bevel Washers or 500 Series with Lag Eyes or Threaded Tabs.
  8. Order Mounting Tabs. Cable Cutter, Bevel Washers, and other accessories separately – as required.

Make Sure Your Cable Railing Project is Building Code Compliant

The customer service team has extensive building code expertise for architectural railings, including cable railing. Use the following chart as a guide, but we are always available to discuss your local building code needs to help troubleshoot potential issues before they arise on the job site.

Post Fabrication for Cable Railings

Whether a standard 42 or 36” vertical post, or that custom design specific to your project the Wagner Companies are your first and only port of call. The expert and knowledgeable staff will guide you thru the process from design to manufacture thru to installation ensuring your project is code compliant, manufactured to highest standards, within budget and on time

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