Cable Railing Kits Simplify Installation

Cable Railing has become a popular option as a deck railing feature. Especially when the view is such that the desire is to minimize any sightline problems. Cable railing kits are available to simplify the process of installing cable railing.

However, to meet building code requirements, there is a need to swage the hardware onto the stainless steel cable. Swaging is a labor-intensive process that must be completed in the field and requires the use of special equipment that must be purchased or rented.

In order to simplify the process, Wagner now offers Cable Railing Kits that utilize “push-lock” and “pull-lock” technology which eliminates the need for swaging.

Ready to Install Cable Railing Kits are pre-swaged and ready for your application. Follow these steps for installation:

  • Measure the outside-to-outside run of the End Post and select the best solution for your project — Push-Lock® or Pull-Lock® Fittings.
  • Insert the cable into the fittings and field trim after tensioning.
  • Cable Railing kits include fittings for both ends of your cable run; all washers and fasteners necessary; 1/8″ or 3/16″ Diameter Type 316 Stainless Steel Cable; and instructions.
  • How to Order your Cable Railing Kits: Determine your Railing frame materials – wood or metal – and the width or diameter of your End Post – Posts to which tensioning and other mounting hardware will be attached. Measure the length of each
  • Cable run: Add at least 6 inches to your measurement. Order the assemblies in Cable length increments of 5 feet – up to 50 feet – to provide sufficient Cable for each of your Cable runs.
  • Cable will be cut to proper length on site.
  • Select the end fittings: For straight runs, you can use any of the Cable Assemblies offered. For Stairs or severe pitches, select from 200 Series with Bevel Washers or 500 Series with Lag Eyes or Threaded Tabs.
  • Order Mounting Tabs. Cable Cutter, Bevel Washers, and other accessories separately – as required.

Stainless Steel Cable Railing Kit Key Features:

  • Mountable within wooden or metal frames
  • Strong and durable with minimal maintenance
  • Virtually limitless applications
  • Complies with building codes
  • Flexible design with a range of fitting options
  • No rough edges, bulky fasteners or exposed turnbuckles
  • A wide range of anchor systems for quick and easy installation

Wagner’s cable railing components and assemblies may be purchased via our e-commerce system.


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