Critical Considerations: Selection of Pipe & Tube Bending Services

Pipe and tube bending services continue to be in high demand in an increasingly competitive custom metal fabrication market. Finding a reliable source for quality precision tube bends, delivered on time, while meeting ever tightening lead time expectations is a daunting task. You will need a versatile, value-focused partner, not just a supplier, to serve as an effective extension of your team and a vital contributor of your success.

One-Stop-Shop = Quality + Efficiency = VALUE

There is an unmet industrial demand for the type of supplier that can squeeze out costs while achieving shorter lead times and higher quality. Finding a business partner that can supply a variety of complementary metal fabrication services, also known as a one-stop-shop, is the best way to meet that demand. Bottom-line cost-saving opportunities abound from several standpoints including; having a single supply source point of contact, lead time compression, leveraged purchased items, consistent quality, reduced shipping costs and versatile engineering assistance.


Customization Capabilities

The ability to leverage several in-house services that are complementary to pipe & tube bending to arrive at customized parts at competitive prices is a strong value. Beyond the full range of bending services being offered, look to see if your supplier can provide multiple bend configurations that eliminate costly tooling requirements, surface treatments, machining or laser cutting. The ultimate differentiator between pipe & tube benders is being able to provide versatile engineering support, optimized design for manufacturer feedback and the expertise to ensure that your project will be successful.

State-of-the-Art Technology

In contract metal manufacturing today, investment in technology is a necessary part of staying up to speed with ever changing market demands. Having a bending partner that takes advantage of state-of-the-art equipment, utilizing minimal tooling, will enhance overall product quality. Embracing new technology is essential to meeting customer demands now and in the future.

Quality Management

When one is supplied with poor-quality parts, one must suffer the costly impact they have on business processes down the line. Even the most innovative product design can be compromised if process control methods are not consistently applied. Having a dedicated team that is responsible for ensuring strict adherence to quality procedures not only reduces defects, but produces a team atmosphere that is passionate about what they do. High-quality products are the result of high intention, effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution.

While it is an easy short-term solution to select a bender solely on price alone, to be successful, there are other factors that must be considered. A savvy sourcing agent will zero in on the overall cost of doing business. A top selection should have a strong reputation for supplying high-quality production, on time, with second to none engineering support. Finding a bending supplier who is outstanding in all three categories will pay dividends throughout the life of a project and is truly the ultimate goal of the selection process.

More Than Just a Supplier

At the end of the day, a pipe & tube bender who is passionate about providing better, faster, and higher overall value solutions is not easy to find. When selecting a bending partner, be sure they pride themselves in understanding your industry and take the time to understand the many challenges your company may be facing in order to become a reliable resource for you. For if you do, you will have found a tremendous competitive advantage that is willing to go the extra mile to make significant improvements to your bottom line.


As proud and knowledgeable metal workers experienced in custom pipe and tube bending, we’re passionate about helping our customers find a better, faster, and high overall value solution. We strive to be a partner, not just a vendor, that can add value to you serving as a true extension of your team. To learn more, contact Wagner today.


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