Why Dry Glaze Glass Railing Makes Sense

Glass RailingSolutions for simplified installation

Evolution of glass railing system innovation saves time and money. For glass installers and metal fabricators alike, profitability on the job means getting in and out of the job as quickly as possible and getting the job done without any hiccups. Ensuring quality work is equally as important. Fortunately, dry glaze glass railing system design has evolved to help achieve these goals. Here’s how.

Dry Glaze Glass Railing is Easier and Faster

When it came to glass railing systems in the past, installation required specialized expertise and training. Notable was the need for welding between connection points, not to mention the subsequent post-weld steps – from grinding and polishing to buffing – in order to deliver a system with a seamless finish. As such, installation of these systems involved special training and tools, especially for non-metal fabricators. And, for installations as a whole, it added significant time and labor to the job.

The latest dry glaze glass railing systems have addressed these issues. Now, with the innovation of non-weld installation solutions, contemporary railing systems can be installed with fewer steps and little need for specialized training or tools. These modular systems can be mechanically assembled to help simplify and speed installation.

Lighter weight design

Another key issue faced in the past was the need to move around heavy materials such as carbon steel or cast iron. Trying to navigate with these materials on site was doable but often posed a challenge, especially given the likelihood of stairs, elevations, and long travel distances. Realizing the need to find a solution, suppliers are now leveraging lighter weight materials that don’t sacrifice strength for many railing systems.

Consider the example of structural glass railing systems. Innovations such as a lightweight extruded aluminum base shoe molding, allow a single laborer to transport the material on-site to the point of installation without much trouble. Plain and simple, materials that are more light weight can be more readily transported with less time and fewer people – each of these aspects saves time and resources.

No-hassle preparation

In the days of old, glass installers had to work with wet glaze methods – causing what can only be described as a number of hassles in the preparation process. The traditional method for setting glass ranged from mixing the cement filler to monitoring and reapplication. This meant the installer had to apply and reapply the cement filler and wait for the cement to cure.

Newer railing system technologies address the issue head on – namely dry glaze solutions. Unlike wet glaze panel installation, in which clamps are used to hold the glass in place and later adjusted and tweaked for other hardware installation, dry glaze employs advanced locking mechanisms technology that alleviates tasks of sealing, setting blocks, mixing and administering multiple pours of cement, and waiting for cement to cure. It’s a simplified solution for glass panel installation that expedites the process. Additionally, some systems allow for installation by one person, and on one side of the glass, when needed.

Beyond supplying for installation

With railing system installation, it’s all about saving time and money – and simplified installations solutions go a long way in helping glass installers and metal fabricators accomplish this all-important objective. But, your supplier can lend a hand beyond installation, too.  By assisting with exacting specs, and providing specs and drawings, they can ensure you get the right system for your project and simplify product selection. Plus, they can make sure products meet safety and full code compliance when properly specified and installed, adding support and value throughout the process. As a partner for your success, they can ease your next railing install from start to finish – saving you, even more, time and money.

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