Easier Installation Makes Glass Railings Ideal

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Why the time is now to seize the opportunity.

With glass trending upward in architectural design and growing in demand in the North American market, it’s time to embrace glass railings and grow your business. Products provide easier installation.

Tempered glass now offers a readily available material option that provides the same safety performance as traditional railing systems, with the clear benefit of fashioning clean and open environments. As the demand for glass has grown, current solutions in glass railing systems have kept pace with overall simplification to provide easier installation and hold down the cost for any glazer or metal fabricator working on glass railing installs. Here’s why it’s time to take advantage of the trend in glass railing installations.

The trend has arrived – Architects in Europe wishing to brighten and open space have long leveraged glass in design. Criteria such as tighter spaces and challenges in generating light meant the need to be more creative with materials and glass proved itself as a viable solution. While the North American market may not face as many physical space challenges, the universal benefits of glass for architectural design seen abroad are now working their way in the United States and Canada. That includes the use of glass railings. Glass railing systems are now designed with the environment largely in mind as they let the light in and offer greater sightlines to maximize light flow for brighter, more appealing and open environments.

Tempered glass is readily available and more cost-effective – Until recently in North America, tempered glass was cost-prohibitive for many projects. Without large numbers of tempered furnaces or expertise for operations, tempered glass was less available as a material and came at higher costs. That’s now changing with increased glass demand for the product. As such, technology and capital expenditures in tempered furnaces have increased in North America in recent years, in turn increasing the availability of tempered glass as well as a greater variety of options.

Similarly, as the market has become less limited in terms of volume, material costs for tempered glass have also lessened. This means considering glass for today’s projects doesn’t need to be dictated by cost at the expense of attractiveness. Tempered glass has become an affordable option that combines aesthetics with performance.

Railing systems ease glass inclusion, install – Tempered glass is easier to install with new railing systems solutions. This is due in large part to how manufacturers are developing and designing glass railing systems to meet the growing trend and simplify installation. And with new safety regulations, railing systems from dry glaze solutions to modular plug-and-play systems are being designed with glass in mind – accommodating tempered, laminated glass as required by the 2015 International Building Code (IBC).

Solutions for installing systems with tempered glass continue to become more simplified for glazers and metal fabricators. For glazers concerned with railing installations involving fabrication, mechanically assembled, non-weld systems and plug-and-play designs reduce special training and tools associated with welding and fabrication of metal.

For metal fabricators, new solutions such as dry glaze panel installation simplify glass preparation and negate messy installation and other specialized glass handling applications. In the end, current solutions are making glass railing installations simple for install regardless of skill background.

Get on the bandwagon

With glass and glass railing systems trending upward to meet 21st-century architectural designs and demand, it is becoming increasingly important to adopt glass railing systems. Those not working with glass are losing out. The good news is that new systems continue to make glass a more desirable material to work with involving less-complicated, time-consuming installs.

To help ensure a successful install, the importance of the right supplier cannot be overstated. The right supplier can be a great guide in selecting and working with the right material, and installers need to know they can talk to their supplier. From selecting products to exacting specs to aiding with code compliance and more, the right supplier can help any glazer or fabricator get into the mix with glass railings and help ensure the next installation hits the mark from start to finish.

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