Festivus Poles 10th Anniversary at The Wagner Companies

May the Festivus be with you

Selling Festivus Poles started out as a laugh for Seinfeld fans. However they continues to be the gift that keeps on giving! As we celebrate our 10th year as the world’s largest manufacturer and distributor of aluminum Festivus Poles.

First introduced to the world during the Dec. 17, 1997 episode of the classic comedy series “Seinfeld”, Festivus has taken hold throughout the world as an alternative to the hectic and overly commercialized holiday season.

Part of the celebration focused on a tinsel-free alternative to the Christmas tree — an aluminum pole.

Wagner happens to have many tons of aluminum “pole” material in stock (aka: aluminum pipe).With a quick design for a laser-cut, collapsible base, and the creation of festivuspoles.com, we set off to have some fun as the winter months take hold here in Wisconsin.

While we initially thought this might be a short-term product for us, 10 years later we now find that Festivus has only grown in popularity. We continue to sell our 100% aluminum, made in Milwaukee, Festivus Poles.

To purchase you Festivus Pole today click here. Or more information contact us.


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