Ten Amazing Handrail Bracket Pictures

I’ve mentioned before how I see handrail pretty much everywhere I go. And when you have handrail, you have handrail brackets.

Wagner has many standard handrail brackets to choose from. Here are some pictures of handrail brackets that you won’t see every day. By the way, I know that many of these brackets don’t meet building code but let’s enjoy them for what they are.

handrail bracket
Rijks museum, Amsterdam
handrail bracket
Rijks museum, Amsterdam
Artisans of the Anvil
Artisans of the Anvil
Along the canals in Brugge, Belgium
Swansea Guildhall--Swansea, Wales
Swansea Guildhall –Swansea, Wales

handrail bracket

handrail bracket

handrail bracket
Red Iron Studio
Rector’s Palace Dubrovnik, Croatia


While Wagner doesn’t have any of these available from stock, We do have many styles that you can order today and have tomorrow. Take a lookContact Us for more information.

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