Handrail is What We do Best

Who is your “go-to” for handrail questions?

April is National Inventor’s Month. We pride ourselves on our “inventiveness” and innovation is one of our core values.

HandrailInteresting point though, when our new product team gets together, we somehow seem to find our way back to handrail.

Whether it’s a post mounted handrail, wall mounted handrail, guardrail, stair rail, spell it “hand rail” or “handrail”, aluminum, steel, brass, stainless steel, bronze, pipe, tube, molded, glass rail, cable rail, or LED railing – handrail is what we are known for and handrail is what we do best.

The world of handrail certainly has changed since R & B Wagner was started in 1955. Back then, Adolph A. Wagner focused on pipe railing creating fittings and components that simplified the fabricator’s life. His original designs included economical elbows formed from coil, non-weld Splice-Lock™ pipe connectors, and Wedge-Lock™ weld connectors – all of which are still popular.

And pipe railing is what Wagner remained known for until the purchase of J.G. Braun in 1997.

J.G. Braun introduced Wagner to ornamental railing, glass railing, and the world of architectural railing systems. Since then, we’ve expanded into dry-glaze glass railing (PanelGrip®), glass infill panel railing (Legato™), cable railing, and LED illuminated railing (Lumenrail®).

It’s our niche and we remain proud of our reputation and thought leadership in this market.

But, we won’t rest on our laurels. The market continues to change and we must keep up. As building codes changed, we updated our handrail bracket designs to meet the dimensional and structural requirements set out by the ADA, IBC, NFPA, and OSHA.

Lumenrail Lighted Staircase from Wagner CompaniesGlass Railing requirements are in a constant state of evolution with many parts of the country expecting testing and load data beyond those of the building codes.

Keeping up with these changes is not easy. You have day-to-day challenges that require your attention. What should you do to keep up?

My suggestion would be that you develop a relationship with a company that is an expert in “handrail”.

Wagner is not a “johnny-come-lately” to the handrail game. We are a U.S. manufacturer of handrail components and systems that have been around for over 60 years with a history that dates back to 1855. We deal with these things every day and can help guide you through the process of selecting the right part for your application.

Building on a 165-year legacy, We are the go-to resource for metal fabricating and architectural railing expertise. More than just a manufacturer and worldwide supplier, our niche focus and local market knowledge enable us to innovate so we can better adapt to your needs.

Accommodating to work with, We live to collaborate. Our customers rely on us to provide the best possible Wagner collaborative metal workssolution for any installation. We remain an active partner throughout projects and in building long-lasting relationships. As proud and knowledgeable metal workers, we’re passionate about helping our customers find a better, faster, and higher overall value solution. As the experts in code requirements, we work with you to help ensure your specifications and installations meet or exceed them, worldwide.

Contact us with your requirements and see how we can help.


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