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floodHurricane Harvey has been referred to as a 1,000 year storm and the costliest natural disaster in US history with the clean-up estimated at $160 billion.

It hit land in Texas on Friday, August 25th and has dropped more than 50 inches of rain in parts of Texas, displacing tens of thousands of residents and leaving parts of Houston uninhabitable for weeks or months.  Aid has started to flow into the Houston area, but much more is needed.

In an effort to support those affected by Hurricane Harvey, we ask that you Help Us, Help Texas.

Wagner will donate 2% of all online purchases in the month of September to the Salvation Army.

Hurricane Harvey

Wagner has a long-standing relationship with The Salvation Army — Bob Wagner is a Life Member of the Milwaukee Salvation Army Board and served on their board for over 20 years. He continues to perform bell ringer duties annually to raise money for this noble organization.

As of Labor Day, The Salvation Army has provided the following Hurricane Harvey relief: 201,670 Meals, 173,213 Drinks, 133,722 Snacks, 4,018 Food Boxes, 92 Mobile Feeding Units (Canteens), 1 Field Kitchen, Emotional & Spiritual Care to 7,953 individuals, 155 clean-up kits, 3,697 comfort kits, and 26,808 hours of employee and volunteer service.

For more detailed information, please refer to Salvation Army’s news section.

We are pleased to share we have a received a personal commitment which will match the first $10,000 raised. Our goal is to raise upwards of $25,000.

Help us help Texas. Turn that order for Wagner’s standard products into a helping hand for Texas.

Want to do more? Great!

help us help texas

To support Hurricane Harvey relief: 
Text STORM to 51555
Call 1-800-SALARMY

The Salvation Army began offering assistance to disaster survivors after a major hurricane hit Galveston, TX in September 1900, destroying the coastal city and killing thousands of people. At the request of The Salvation Army’s National Commander, Frederick Booth-Tucker, officers (the clergy of The Salvation Army) from across the country moved into the Galveston area to help feed and shelter the thousands of survivors, while also providing much needed emotional and spiritual support.

Since then, The Salvation Army has responded to numerous natural disasters, transportation accidents, civil unrest situations and terrorist attacks. By providing beverages, meals, and emotional and spiritual care to first responders and survivors, The Salvation Army strives to bring hope and healing to people who find themselves in the midst of extremely difficult situations.


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