How Metal Components Help Make Ideas a Reality for Fabricators

Around the Corner, Across the Globe and Into the Future

Metal is an amazingly versatile material. What else can support, protect, guide, house, decorate, and join things with such lasting strength and beauty? The challenge for designers and fabricators is often how to make something so strong also look effortlessly flowing, flawless, smooth and sometimes even delicate. That is where Wagner can help make the vision come to life.  Let’s look at a few ways our metal components help bring it all together for projects near, far and into the future.

Pipe and Tube: Winding Around the Bend and Connecting the Country

Pipe & Tube Roll Bending Services from The Wagner Companies

Like a line drawing made real, our bent pipe and tube components offer limitless freedom to the fabricator. If you can draw it on a napkin, we can help bring it to life. It’s why some fabricators use our elbows (typically used for handrails) on roll bars – and why Orange County Choppers reached out to Wagner for custom handlebars. Speaking of hands-on, when the Grand Central Station in New York needed 1-1-/2” OD Bronze bends with an exacting and challenging radius, they came to Wagner, as did New York’s Jacob Javits Convention Center when they needed spiral rail ends. It makes us proud knowing that our products are literally “in hand” to help millions of travelers get where they want to go.

Spheres and Hemispheres: Realizing Ideas in the Round

Photo courtesy of Brian Kirk, Brian Kirk Studios

Sometimes planning your project can literally be a ball, and that’s where our spherical components come in. These hollow metal balls and half-spheres have been used in countless projects across the country for ornamental and sculptural applications. From enlarging a tiny molecule model into a huge sculpture to shrinking the planet Saturn down in metal form for a miniature golf course, our metal spheres have a “how in the world did they do that?” quality fabricators choose again and again. Look for them acting as a giant grape cluster in Napa Valley, antiqued and bronzed at the Hoover Dam Visitors Center, and adorning Harrah’s Las Vegas Casino. Our spheres have an ample wall thickness ideal for welding, screwing or tapping. It’s why sculptors like Albert Dicruttalo choose Wagner spheres to create masterful works of art.

Recycled Components: Providing Limitless Potential for the Future

Since it typically does not end up in landfills, metal is the ultimate recyclable material. It truly offers fabricators piece of mind that their projects can live as long as intended, and after that, can be put to good use for years to come. Here at Wagner, it’s important to us to lessen our impact on the environment and the earth’s natural resources, which is why nearly all of our products are made from a percentage of pre- and post-consumer recycled material. It is also why we donate our scraps to a local artist every year to fabricate into a piece of art for auction at the NOMMA Metalfab show.

With more than 5,500 stock items in steel, brass, bronze, aluminum and stainless steel – not to mention the custom and non-catalog materials we provide ­– the possibilities are as endless as your imagination. From the things you touch every day, to massive, public works of art, Wagner is proud to circle the globe and protect the planet, today and tomorrow.

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