Improving Corrosion Resistance of Stainless Steel

Oxidization causes steel to rust. But, oxidization is not unique to steel. All metals oxidize.
glass panel railingAluminum will develop a film which will come off as black if the surface is not sealed. Brass and bronze will tarnish — which in some cases is desired. Stainless steel is subject to staining and rusting if the surface is not maintained. Stainless Steel stains less it is not rust proof.
Stainless steel will oxidize when there is a film of free iron on the surface. This film is invisible and may be the result of a poor cleaning at the mill or contamination during storage. With finished components, grinding, polishing, and machining equipment may be the culprits.
While not visible, surface contamination of stainless steel will become evident when exposed to the environment.
Passivation is a process implemented to improve the surface condition of stainless steel. Varying solutions containing nitric acid and oxidizing salts passivate stainless steel. The concentration, dwell time, and temperature of these baths dissolves contaminants that lead to oxidization.

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