Interna-Rail® Aluminum Pipe Railing Installation Instructions

Internrail Aluminum Pipe Railing

For applications which require a sleek architectural design and finish. Use Interna-Rail

Interna-Rail is uniquely designed for easy assembly and superior strength. The all mechanical assembly requires no welding and can be designed to meet any building code. Tee connection feature a threaded tubular rivet that provides a more substantial thread engagements between the bolt and post. Interna-Rail fittings are cast of corrosion-resistant, aluminum/magnesium alloy. When combined with stainless steel connectors, this system is an excellent choice for any industrial or architectural application in virtually any environment or climate. Interna-Rail’s smooth continuous surface gives any railing application an attractive streamlined appearance. The standard finish on all Interna-Rail fittings is clear anodized

All fittings are available for use with 1-1/2″ schedule 40 aluminum pipe unless notes.  For additional strength, use schedule 80 pipe and tees for posts or solid dowel insert with schedule 40 pipe. Pre-assembled vertical posts can be purchased and shipped with fittings in place.


The Pittsburgh Testing Laboratory conduced tests on the Interna-Rail System. The results far exceed OSHA side load requirements as well as a wide range of regional and local regulations. The tests were performed on a 42″ high single posts. While all of the tests used 1-1/2″ IPS schedule 40 aluminum pipe, the alloy temper type of mounting and reinforcement were varied. Intern-Rail is designed to meed the requirement of the Americans with Disabilities Act as well.

Interna-Rail is also designed to meet the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act as well. Our handrail bracket IR85KA can be rotated to any angle for rams or stairs. This rail provides for a 1-1/2″ clearance between handrail and post or wall. The underslung, rounded design creates a continuous gripping surface with no sharp edges. And end loops, wall returns, flanges, splices and tangent bends are available.


–Combines clean look of a welded rail with the benefits of a mechanical system


– Handrail designed to meet any building code – please refer to structural test data for more information on application

Corrosion Resistance

– Supplied with a 215-R1 anodized finish, providing additional resistance to corrosion and staining – hardware supplied is stainless steel – mill finish fittings also available


– Double tang set screw activated design provides a virtually maintenance-free system, which is inherently longer lasting than those that utilize adhesives and pop rivets

Handrail systems utilizing Interna-Rail “in-line” fittings provide a sleek architectural finish with anodized fittings and aluminum pipe.

Interna-Rail has the clean look of welded rail with all the benefits of a mechanical system. Interna-Rail systems can be designed to meet any building code and are constructed of anodized aluminum and stainless steel hardware for corrosion resistance.

Tools Needed:
Tape Measure, Chalk Line, Portable Chop Saw (cut material square for best fit-up), Apex Bit Holder with 3/16″ Bit, 3/8″ Ratchet, Drill with 27/74″ Drill Bit, and Rivet Nut Tool.

IR-TS Rivet Nut ToolA Rivet Nut Tool is required to fabricate Interna-Rail. A wide range of these tools is available. We stock the IR-TS Rivet Nut Tool. If you will need to be doing a large number of tee connections, you may want to consider a hydraulic rivet nut tool. Contact Wagner for more information.

Section A


Interna-Rail Components

Section B

Post Assembly Details





Section C

Fitting Attachment Details — Level Handrail


Fitting Attachment Details — Sloping Handrail with 170/171/172


Use the same procedure when attaching a post to the top rail.

Fitting Attachment Details — Sloping Handrail with 173/174


Use the same procedure when attaching a post to the top rail.

Trim Cutting and Drilling







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