How LED Lighting is Changing the Way Architects are Using Railings

Today, more and more residential and commercial architects are utilizing LED illuminated interior and exterior railing systems to help put a new emphasis on their designs. This isn’t  surprising. After all, LED lighting brings quite a bit to your design, while providing an energy efficient and cost-effective life safety element.

Architecture Innovation

Lumenrail Linear Lighted LED Railing System
Big Four Bridge

When an architect works with metal or glass interior or exterior railings, they are replacing more traditional halogen, incandescent and fluorescent fixtures with LEDs. This offers an eye-catching, innovative and appealing alternative. One that costs less to maintain.

The fact is, LEDs make the most sense if you are searching for energy efficiency, superior safety, and amazing aesthetics.

What many people still wonder is why exactly this has become so popular.

Reduce Maintenance and Energy Costs with LED Illuminated Railings

One of the biggest reasons to adopt Lumenrail® LED illuminated railings  is that they consume much less energy than other lighting fixtures.

This helps reduce the utility costs of the structure. LEDs emit more light per watt and they burn 10 times longer than traditional fluorescent bulbs, and up to 30 times longer than halogen bulbs. Thanks to this long-life span, the expense of frequent bulb replacement and maintenance, is reduced.

Lumenrail® LED illuminated railings are rugged and durable. They withstand the conditions of their environment. This is true for both interior and exterior LED railings. You can have Lumenrail® LED illuminated railings installed anywhere – even in wet environments. Whether that be at a pier or walkway, pedestrian bridge, waterfront platform, outdoor ADA ramp, or street overpass.

Another benefit of these Lumenrail® LED illuminated railings, over other illumination solutions, is they outperform traditional lighting regarding heat output, noise, and overall light pollution. LEDs minimize the build-up of heat, making them ideal for systems that feature recessed lighting. This reduces your carbon footprint which is great for everyone.

Put Light Right Where It’s Needed with LED Illuminated Railings

Put simply, LEDs are bright. They can be installed on your railing and eliminate the need for additional, ancillary lighting. That’s because the LEDs can be put right where they are needed. LEDs reflect well on walking surfaces and don’t add unnecessary ambient light. This is particularly important in locations such as theaters and museums.

Aesthetics are Obvious with LED Illuminated Handrails

The ultimate goal of any architect is to create a beautiful, structurally sound building that meets the needs of those who will be using it. The addition of Lumenrail® LED illuminated railings meets these goals by highlighting and focusing on the design and architectural style.

Architects can use a wide array of customizable railing designs, along with various finishes and mounting options to make a real statement in any building they are commissioned to design.

The use and relevance of LED lighted railings is growing. It is something that architects, building owners/managers, and even homeowners should consider investing in.

More information about handrail lighting can be found by visiting Wagner Architectural or by connecting with a handrail & lighting specialist to help fulfill your project needs.


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