Lumenpod® — Compact and Elegant Point Source LED

Center for Sustainable Landscapes Green Roof
Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens
Pittsburgh, PA
Architect: The Design Alliance Architects

Create code-compliant lighting layouts for your most challenging designs. Lumenpod is a compact and elegant point-source LED light that’s ideal for pathway illumination. It features a symmetric directional beam spread to address variable widths, curves and elevation challenges with asymmetric positioning.


The mechanically threaded Lumenpod luminaire has a machined chamfered edge for a flush fit and integrated look in curved and helical installations, as well as straight runs and flat material. Its low power, high-efficiency design makes it an economical point-source lighting solution.

The Lumenpod is an ideal architectural lighting solution for any new or retrofit application. It provides distinctive projection aesthetics in straight or curved railing systems.

  • Lumenpod Robust design withstands high impacts
    • Weather resistant to IP67
    • Machined 316 stainless steel resists corrosion
    • Easy retrofit into existing applications
    • Beam spreads from 16˚ to 94˚
    • Recessed LED provides excellent visual comfort

For information on Lumenpod point-source luminaires, contact us.


Wedge Werrace, WPI Quad
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Worcester, MA
Landscape Architect: Halvorson Design, Inc.
Photo: ©2013 Ed Wonsek


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