Choosing the Right Cable

Cable Construction Wagner offers cable in five different diameters our Cable Railing System: 1/8″, 3/16″, 1/4″, 5/16″, and 3/8″. For cable railings, you want to use a cable that is as rigid as possible and does not stretch. For most applications, we recommend 1×19 construction, type 316 stainless steel strand (cable). Other constructions can be […]

Antique Catalogs

Recently, I was searching for some antique J.G. Braun catalogs on our website when I found that there were old J.G. Braun catalogs posted for sale on other sites for some significant dollars. I guess we’re sitting on a gold mine here in our storage area. J.G. Braun’s God Practice for Ornamental Iron Work J.G. […]

Environmental Sustainability – Recycled Content and Recyclability

The Wagner Companies – an ISO 9001:2015 Certified company – has been in the metal business since 1850. “As a fourth-generation, family-operated organization, tracing its roots in metalworking in Milwaukee to 1850, R & B Wagner understands that sustainability is a never-ending journey. The Wagner family has both the opportunity and responsibility to contribute to […]

I-Codes Code Adoption Map

The I-Codes are “model” codes created by the International Code Council. They are published on a 3-year cycle. As model codes, local codes need to adopt the code. Therefore there is often a disconnect between the current version of the I-Codes and the current codes being applied in your jurisdiction. For more information contact us. […]

The Curse of Being in the Railing Business

So I’m sitting on the couch watching the World Series last night (Go Cubs!) and I see this during a commercial. I was taken aback. Do you see what I see? Probably not, unless, like me, you look at railing everywhere you go. Where’s the top rail on the glass railing at the top right? […]

Do you need dimensioned PDF, CAD or JPG files of Wagner parts?

Are you looking for a PDF, CAD or JPG of a particular Wagner part? If any or all available you can find those assets on our shopping site under the particular part you are interested in. First go to Next type the part number of the item you are looking for in the search […]

How To Use Rockite for Anchoring and Patching

WARNING: Due to the expansion properties of Rockite do not use Rockite for anchoring in cement that is narrow on top such as handicapped ramps, concrete construction barriers or concrete walls. When using Rockite always leave at least 4 inches from the edge of the concrete to the hole. Use Rockite, for Anchoring: Bolts – […]

Polishing Flow Chart for Stainless Steel Pipe and Tube

The polishing flow chart depicts the steps required for mechanically finishing stainless steel pipe and tube. Includes #4 Brushed Satin, #4 Sanitary, #6 Brushed Satin, #7 Bright Polished, and #8 Polished. Form some polishing tips click here. Click here to download the polishing flow chart as a pdf. Building on a 165-year legacy, Wagner is […]

The Survey Says . . .

At Wagner, we have always felt that our customer service, product quality, and delivery were appreciated by our customers. We’ve even made it part of our mission statement: Best Customer Experience: Best People, Best Product, Best Performance. But we didn’t know how much it was appreciated until now. We recently completed a survey of our […]

Lumenrail Delivers Aesthetically Pleasing, Energy Saving Solution

Lumenrail delivers aesthetically pleasing, energy-saving solution to Las Vegas Nature Center The Clark County Wetlands Park in Las Vegas provides lush habitats for hundreds of animal and plant species while also improving the quality of the area’s water supply. The park offers award-winning programs to teach youth and adults about the wildlife and ecology of the Las […]


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Lighted Railing Installation

Installation instructions for Lumenrail®


Cable Railing Installation

Learn about Ultra-tec® cable cutting, swaging measurements and how to install cable railing.