Pedestrian Walkways With Lumenrail Lit Railing

Lumenrail lighted LED RailingsCommon areas and pedestrian walkways have specific lighting requirements to ensure safe navigation and access in dark or lowlight conditions.

These same walkways also require the use of handrails to protect, guide and assist pedestrians on ramps, landings, stairs, and balconies. Lumenrail combines these lighting and safety requirements into one seamless, illuminated, protective assembly.

LED-lit handrailing puts lighting exactly where its needed

Depending on the type of pedestrian walkway or your design specifications, Lumenrail can serve as the primary light source or as supplemental decorative lighting. Lumenrail produces enough light to help pedestrians distinguish objects and obstacles clearly and without glare, often eliminating the need for additional lighting sources.

The Lumenrail illuminated handrail system utilizes linear or point-source luminaries with LED technology for exceptional flexibility, performance, and longevity. The architectural-grade finish and non-weld connections ensure beauty and durability under all conditions.

With multiple mounting and infill options, Lumenrail is compatible with most handrail designs including wall and guardrail mounting, embedded posts, glass railing systems, cable railings, and stainless steel woven wire panels.

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