Tube and Pipe Flanges for Railings

Tube and pipe flanges from The Wagner Companies are produced in aluminum, steel, brass, muntz and stainless steel. They are supplied with different hole configurations and offered with or without set screws. They are stocked with a mill finish, however, special finishes and hole configurations can be provided upon special request.

Wagner tube and pipe flanges are manufactured in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Primarily, our tube and pipe flanges are designed for use in railing applications either as cover flanges for post mounting or mounting of wall returns on a handrail application.

Bear in mind that current model code requirements require that guards and handrail must meet either a 50 lb/ft uniform load or a 200 lb concentrated load. This is a particular challenge when surface mounting a post-mounted railing system. Under load, most tube or pipe flanges used for a surface mount will deform.

The selection of the proper tube or pipe flange is therefore critical to the success of your railing system. Most pipe flanges are only suitable as cover flanges — the posts are set in grout or concrete and the flanges are used to hide the grout joint.

heavy-duty-pipe-flangesWhen pipe flanges are meant to serve a structural purpose on their own, we recommend the use of a heavy-duty weld flange. This particular flange is 1/4″ thick and has been designed and tested to meet the load requirements as set out by the building codes. In order to perform to its optimum, it is recommended that the flange be welded on both the top and the underside of the pipe flange to achieve maximum strength.

As in any situation where a component is mounted to a surface, proper attachment — based on your substrate — is critical. Choose fasteners as appropriate for mounting any tube or pipe flanges.

Aluminum flanges are not suitable for weld applications and should be used as cover flanges only. Flanges with set screws are also not structural.

You can view availability and pricing on Wagner’s tube and pipe flanges at our e-commerce site.


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