Why Sweeps are The Best!

sweep railing

Custom Sweeps and Bends

In the world of handrail, sweeps describe elbows that bend in both a horizontal and a vertical plane. They are very useful for railings when transitioning from one flight of stairs to the next.

We produce formed and mandrel bent radius elbows from pipe and tube. We can provide them in steel, aluminum, brass, bronze, and stainless steel to meet any need. Sweeps are one type of bend that Wagner can provide.

Custom radius elbows are available upon special request. Contact rfq@mailwagner.com with your specific requirements. No one stocks more options in standard handrail elbows than The Wagner Companies. To view our stock elbow options go to our e-commerce site.

Wagner is the go-to resource for contract metal and architectural metal railing expertise. Our niche focus, local market knowledge, and code compliance expertise enable us to innovate so we can better adapt to customer needs

Accommodating to work with, Wagner lives to collaborate. Our customers rely on our sales and engineering staff to provide the best possible solution. We are responsive to answering calls and quick to solve problems. Wagner remains an active partner throughout projects and in building long-lasting relationships.

We are passionate about helping our customers find a better, faster and higher value solution. As experts in code compliance, we work with you to help ensure your railings meet or exceed them, worldwide.

At Wagner, we communicate openly and honestly, as well as fulfill the promises we make. By standing behind our products and services, we’ve earned the trust of our customers. That’s why they rely on us day-in and day-out. Let us do the same for you and your business.

By investing in our company, we’ve stayed ahead of emerging trends within the handrail and railing industry. Our innovations include illuminated/lighted, glass and cable railing systems. This same investment has been made for custom railings and our contract metal manufacturing capabilities. This allows us to be the only source needed for metal work and products. We are in a position to serve our customers well into the future. Providing unmatched quality and customer service.


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