Stainless Steel Cable Railing Systems

Wagner offers Ultra-tec® Cable Railing Systems with great sight lines and a sleek stainless steel design. These cable railings provide great aesthetics and flexibility in any setting – indoors or out – whether running horizontally or vertically. Each cable railings’ hardware components come in various sizes and material choices that are configurable to meet your project’s design needs. Use our cable railings for your wood deck or vinyl porch as well as for any hybrid solution that will let our cable railings provide maximum appeal. This, along with long-lasting quality, is why our Cable Railing Solutions are preferred by architects, engineers and building professionals. Not only are these cable rails beautiful, but they also install with less effort and cost, making them the primary choice for quick and easy installation no matter the geographic location or application.

The Ultra-tec Railing System is also the only cable railing system to feature Invisiware®. With this technology, all hardware is hidden inside the end posts, providing a pristine look that is unmatched by any other cable connector.

Stainless Steel Cable Railing

Key Features:

    • Mountable within wooden or metal frames
    • Strong and durable with minimal maintenance
    • Virtually limitless applications
    • Complies with building codes
    • Flexible design with a range of fitting options
    • No rough edges, bulky fasteners or exposed turnbuckles
    • Wide range of anchor systems for quick and easy installation

We can provide the necessary engineering data for this economical and easy-to-install railing solution, helping you assemble the right cable railing system for your specific needs and preferences. Plus, we can guide you on how to make your railing qualify for LEED credits by using sustainable building materials.

In addition to purchasing cable rail components for your own swaging, kits are available to simplify the assembly process.

Ready to Install Cable Assemblies are pre-swaged and ready for your application.

  • Measure the outside-to-outside run of the End Post and select the best solution for your project.
  • Install the Cable and field trim after tensioning.
  • Cable assemblies include: Fittings for both ends of your Cable run; all Washers and Fasteners necessary; 1/8″ or 3/16″ Diameter Type 316 Stainless Steel Cable; and instructions.
  • How to Order: Determine your Railing frame materials – wood or metal – and the width or diameter of your End Post – Posts to which tensioning and other mounting hardware will be attached. Measure the length of each
  • Cable run: Add at least 6 inches to your measurement. Order the assemblies in Cable length increments of 5 feet – up to 50 feet – to provide sufficient Cable for each of your Cable runs.
  • Cable for the railings will be cut to proper length on site.
  • Select the end fittings: For straight runs, you can use any of the Cable Assemblies offered. For Stairs or severe pitches, select from 200 Series with Bevel Washers or 500 Series with Lag Eyes or Threaded Tabs.
  • Order Mounting Tabs. Cable Cutter, Bevel Washers, and other accessories separately – as required.

Wagner’s cable railings, components and assemblies may be purchased online through our Wagner e-commerce store or from one of our friendly & knowledgeable sales representatives.

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