The Curse of Being in the Railing Business

So I’m sitting on the couch watching the World Series last night (Go Cubs!) and I see this during a commercial.


I was taken aback. Do you see what I see? Probably not, unless, like me, you look at railing everywhere you go.

Where’s the top rail on the glass railing at the top right? Where’s the infill on the guard railing? Aren’t those posts spaced a little bit too far apart to meet the load requirements? And don’t get me started on those handrail extensions. Why aren’t they returning to the floor or post?

This airport is an accident waiting to happen.

I tend to drive my wife crazy with my fascination with railings. She has always been patient as I stop in the oddest locations to take pictures of handrails as we travel. However, I know I’m not the only one.

Who else is willing to step up and declare that they do the same thing?


  • No, you aren’t the only one…. As co-owner of Custom Welding in Williamsburg VA. I drive my friends and family crazy watching movies and traveling too…
    My parents are always bringing me pictures of their travels!!!

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