• Universal installation in a variety of materials
  • CCT standards in 4 white options
  • 4 solid color options, including Wildlife Amber™
  • 5 IES file supported optic distributions
  • IK10 impact rating and secure installation via dedicated tool
  • ETL wet location listed
  • IP67 ingress production
  • 24VDC Class 2 operation
  • Emergency Backup Invertor compatible
  • 116 lumens per watt LED (500mA) from Lumenpod® 16 light engine
  • Up to 80+ CRI standard, 90+ available upon request
  • Solid machined 316 stainless steel
  • Standard with 70° beam spread at nadir

Lumenpod® 16 Point Source Handrail Lighting

Another Lumenrail® Component for Life Safety and Light

Lumenpod® 16 is a versatile and inconspicuous luminaire with exceptional performance. The mechanically threaded body is ideal for pathway illumination with mounting options for handrails, guardrails, decks, shelters and entryway structures. Fixtures are easy to install and can be planned for 25° rotation around the rail diameter for precise asymmetric performance. Superior harsh environment protection combined with vandal resistance ensures an illuminated railing solution that will last.

Lumenpod 16 Product Image

Lumenpod® 16 Point Source Handrail Lighting


Lumenpod 16 Photometric Image
Asymmetric performance can be fine-tuned on fabricated systems by rotating the fixture around the rail diameter. A 25° angle provides superb illumination results in most applications. Download product specs and reports below.
Lumenpod 16 Construction Image
Lumenpod® 16 features a threaded stainless steel body that dissipates heat directly into the mounting material. A machined shoulder positions it nearly flush with any diameter handrail, as well as flat or square stock. This luminaire is made of 316 stainless steel for optimal corrosion resistance.

Discover the Possibilities of Lumenpod® 16

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