Architectural Railings Protects Millions of Tourists

Handrail and Railing Systems Help Travelers See More of America Safely

This Architectural Feature Protects Millions of Tourists

“See America by Rail” was a popular travel slogan back in the day. We’re pretty sure they were talking about the railroad, not railing systems, but we can’t help but notice all of the ways railings help protect millions of travelers every year – as well as the sights they came to see. From glass rail, lighted rail and more, the designers of public spaces have crucial decisions to make when it comes to guiding and guarding tourists and Wagner can help. Let’s take a look at a few.

 Seeing the Sights with Glass Railing

When safety and visibility is an absolute must, glass railing systems can offer a crystal clear vantage point of a breathtaking landscape. The most extreme example, Grand Canyon Skywalk, employs glass railing (not to mention a glass floor) in a masterful way, allowing a dizzying and fully immersive vista for millions of visitors every year. While this is not a Wagner product, we find this feat of engineering truly inspiring.

Photo: Complexsimplellc at English Wikipedia

Visibility is key in all tourist destinations, not just at the Grand Canyon. Zoo and aquarium projects utilize glass railings as a crystal-clear barrier, protecting patrons from the wilds of nature. Other times, a glass barrier offers protection from the crowd itself, as in this Lego sculpture in Downtown Disney – protected by a Wagner glass Panel Grip railing system. With millions of visitors every year, it’s hard to imagine a piece like this surviving one week without a barrier. Panel Grip offers the designer high-performance strength in a modular, non-weld railing system, indoors or out.

Lighting the Path with Lumenrail

The beauty of monumental landforms is that they seem to take on a different appearance every minute. Since the crowds linger after sundown, lighted rail systems offer safety and beauty to visitors wishing to take it all in. Places like Red Rocks get hundreds of thousands of visitors every year, from hikers, to joggers to concert goers. It’s an attraction that sees much of its foot traffic at night – one reason our Lumenrail helps light the way. Offering illumination for stairways and walkways of all shapes and sizes, Lumenrail linear products can be used with a wide range of building materials. Many choose this solution for its unobtrusive design and elegant components, designed to perfectly enhance the surroundings and not outshine them.

If you are a planner of public spaces, consider the many ways railings help visitors safely enjoy the wonders of our country. Stair rails in parks, handrails on public trails, railings at airports – all work to protect and guide travelers. Make sure yours are the safest and most durable they can be, in designs you can be proud of. Next time you are thinking of a public space with lots of foot traffic, think Wagner!


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