Using Cable Railing with Wood-Framed Railing

These drawings illustrate some of the ways our cable railing hardware is used in wood end and corner posts. A minimum of a nominal 4 × 4 (3-1/2″ × 3-1/2″ actual) is recommended for any post where cable railing hardware is mounted. Cables should be spaced on end posts on centers of no more than 3.125″, and the cable should be supported in some fashion no more than every 48″ along the cable run.

Cables can be cut, and fittings can be swaged in the field using our swaging equipment (available for rent or purchase).

With some hardware, the cable can be cut to customer-provided lengths and the fittings swaged on at the factory thus providing ready-to-install hardware.


Invisiware® Receivers, Radius Ferrules and Clip-On Stop with Wooden End Posts

The Invisiware® Receiver, Radius Ferrule and Clip-On Stop may be used with wooden end posts. We recommend the following methods:

  1.  Surface Mount: drill a hole in the post to accept the selected fitting such that the head sits on the outside of the post.
  2. Counter Bore: Drill a counterbored hole to accept the appropriate fitting such that the head lies below the face of the post.



Stainless Steel Washers are required. They are supplied with the Clip-On Stop but are to be purchased separately for the Invisiware® Receiver and Radius Ferrule.



Use our drill guide to locate and drill the pilot holes necessary for your subsequent holes and counter bores. Simply clamp to post and drill. It is best to drill one side and then the other. When ordering, allow space for clamps. A 6″ overall length drill is included that may be used to drill your cable through holes. Request a drill guide form by contacting Wagner.

Note: ACQ pressure-treated lumber is now being used in many parts of the country. Use only stainless steel or galvanized hardware with ACQ-treated lumber.


Stainless Steel Protector Tube

The post protector tube is inserted into a wood post where the Cable enters/exits the post at an angle to keep the cable from biting into the wood.

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