R&B Wagner Introduces Level Lock Plus™ Base Shoe Moulding for Installation of Glass Panel Railings

MILWAUKEE (Sept. 15, 2020)—R&B Wagner is excited to call attention to Level Lock Plus™—an adjustable dry-glaze, glass shoe moulding system designed to ensure a fast, cost-effective installation of glass panel railings. A symmetrical inner channel allows for the system’s mechanisms to be installed from either side of the base shoe, ensuring a simple, safe and seamless installation—especially when working on elevated surfaces.

Level Lock Plus is a patented adjustable assembly system made of high-strength aluminum, with advanced technology that allows the glass to tilt two degrees backward or forward for an easy, precise glass alignment. The locking mechanism’s tilting capabilities allows the glass to better withstand environmental changes after installation, which can greatly reduce the potential of shattering. The system’s grooved inner channel allows the two-piece mechanism to snap into the base shoe to prevent shifting during glass installation.

This system requires no special tools or training, and provides an easy, clean and cost-effective installation of glass panels. Level Lock Plus is suitable for glass measuring 12mm to 19mm in thickness. Level Lock Plus cladding options can be purchased separately in either stainless steel or aluminum to ensure your desired aesthetic is achieved. Level Lock Plus: where fast installation meets innovative adjustment.

For more information on Level Lock Plus—or any of the components and tools used in the assembly of structural glass railing (e.g. shoe moulding, railing and mounting brackets)—please visit, or call 888-243-6914.


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