A New Product We Chose Not To Pursue

At Wagner, we keep an eye out for trends and are always thinking about new products. It is interesting though that whenever we give some thought to a new product, it always seems to turn into something to do with railings.

Over the years we are very proud to have introduced the world to dry glaze glass railing (GlassWedge™), a component-based LED Railing System (Lumenrail®), as well as numerous innovations and improvements in handrail brackets and other railing parts.

However, there is one product we have considered but chose not to pursue – find out below.

Take a look at this photo. Do you notice something different about it?

Handrail with skateboard deterrent - full image

Do you see that part installed on the lower extension of the handrail? Let’s take a closer look.

LED lighted Handrail close-up of skateboard deterrent.

See it now? What is that piece attached to the top of the handrail extension?

If you guessed a skateboard deterrent, you win the prize.

Here’s a video on skateboarding damage incidents at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

If this small town campus has experienced $10,000 in damage you can imagine what the national costs might be.

Simple solution, attach something to walls, curbs, or handrails that would present an obstacle to skateboarders. Many companies have done just that.

So why didn’t Wagner choose to compete with them? Two words: “Death Threats”.

Not that we were threatened, but as we researched the marketplace we found that those who do manufacture products to deter skateboarders were receiving death and bomb threats. Check out this article on the person who invented the best known of these products: Loarie’s Skatestopper 

While Wagner components have sometimes been adapted for this purpose, we decided it wasn’t worth our bringing a product to market specifically designed to dissuade skateboarders. Besides, there are companies out there already who have plenty of options to offer.



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